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Gravity Stars Partners with Unique 3D Imaging Technology Company VAST Technologies !
17 Jan 2013

Gravity Stars is excited to announce our new partnership with Visionary Arts & Scientific Technologies (VAST, LLC) and DJ Central Digital Hong Kong, Coupling Vast’s expertise, experience and game changing technology with the world’s elite in extreme sports and music will see Gravity Stars producing some of the most unique content in the world. DJ Central Digital is a VAST approved channel partner that manages the license rights to the technology in ASIA.

VAST, LLC is a company comprised of entertainment technology professionals, industry luminaries and A-list talent, bringing Oscar winners, patent holders, creatives and technology pioneers together to forever change how consumer entertainment such as movies, television and video games are created and consumed. Enabling truly immersive entertainment by bringing disruptive technologies used by NASA and U.S. military, licensed exclusively to VAST for further development for use in the entertainment industry, combined with VAST’s own prowess at hardware and software development, is the core foundation for the company’s technology developments and offerings.

As Peter Bowers, President of VAST says: “By combining next generation space and military spec lasers and optics, along with real-time visualization and advanced software algorithms developed by VAST, the technology brings immediate impact to the bottom line on production costs of movies, television and video games, by enabling real-time 3D modelling of action sets, generating real-time depth maps eliminating the need for rotoscoping (manual frame by frame process of drawing outlines around objects and actors to isolate them for further processing), useful in numerous areas of pre-visualization, production, post production, visual effects, 2D to 3D conversion, and augmented/virtual reality and video gaming. Cost savings per movie will be in the millions of dollars, positioning an exit strategy for VAST to be acquired by a larger camera/technology manufacturer. With our partners DJ Central Digital and Gravity Stars our future success is assured.  The technology can ultimately be put to use in creating new forms of entertainment by enabling full 360 degree live action worlds in 3D, allowing a user to navigate through a live action scene the same way gamers are now used to roaming freely in a virtual computer generated environment. “

Gravity Stars and Vast are set to produce and deliver content that is simply out of this world! Formal press and media releases to follow.

For more information on Gravity Stars, DJ Central and VAST Technologies please visit the following websites: 

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