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ISP’s fighting to keep details of illegal downloads private!
11 Oct 2011

This article appeared in The Brisbane Times yesterday. A company called the Movie Rights Group is pressuring Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, to release the names and identities of customers who illegally downloaded a film in order to prosecute individual offenders. This has previously been seen as an infringement on privacy rights in Australia but The Movie Rights Group believe they can set a new precedent.

Here is a little taste of the article:

THOUSANDS of Australians who illegally downloaded a film about an Irish unionist-turned-mobster face prosecution if a Queensland company succeeds in persuading internet service providers (ISPs) to disclose customer information.

The Movie Rights Group recently approached ISPs asking for their help in contacting customers who allegedly downloaded Kill The Irishman, without permission, in May

Industry insiders are concerned this could be an attempt at litigation trolling – taking legal action on behalf of copyright owners and pocketing a fee – a practice that has been successful in other countries.

The Movie Rights Group is understood to be preparing legal action to pursue individuals directly, once it gets a court order granting it access to ISPs’ databases.

The group’s website encourages individuals to settle infringement notices with the company, or dispute the matter in court.

The Movie Rights Group was established only a year ago and does not appear to have any connections to film studio groups or copyright organisations.

To read the whole story, go HERE!

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