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Justin Martell to Work with Blue Pie and Tiny Tim Project!
12 Jul 2011

Justin Martell, a passionate and inspirational writer, is currently in the midst of writing a book on Tiny Tim, which he will be contributing to Blue Pie’s Tiny Tim project and the re-release of his catalogue.

Justin first encountered Tiny Tim at the age of seven when he attended Spooky World, a Halloween theme park in Massachusetts. By chance, he happened to catch Tiny’s act and as a young boy, was completely entranced by his presence. Hearing “Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips With Me” when he was 15 years old reignited his love for Tiny Tim, hearing the song dislodged the old memory of seeing Tiny perform. From there, Justin began to collect anything and everything Tiny Tim related. After exhausting all official releases, he turned to bootlegs and became involved with the large network of Tiny Tim collectors in the United States and Canada.

In February of 2008, Justin conducted an interview with Ron DeBlasio (Tiny’s manager from 1968-1970) for what was to be a simple article for Journalism 101. Almost 80 interviews and 700 pages later, he has almost finished his book with his first draft of an authorized biography of Tiny Tim.

Now based in Astoria, New York Justin is in the process of putting together the authorized biography of Tiny Tim. The book contains: a 34-page chapter dealing specifically with Tiny Tim’s work with Martin Sharp, exclusive interviews with the Australian artist himself, and the book also takes its name from the nickname which Martin Sharp bestowed upon Tiny Tim. The book will cover the life and work of Tiny Tim and his musical contributions to the world, which not only inspired but also entertained many people.

The book will accompany the re-release of Tiny Tim’s catalogue to be distributed through Blue Pie.

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