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Kara Mack performs tracks from her recent release "Selah" at 'The Talking Stick' in California!
19 Jun 2012

For everyone who has been keeping an eye on all of our recent news stories regarding the fabulous Kara Mack, we’ve got another one for you! Kara has been touring recently with her newest release “Selah”, meaning ‘to think calmly on it’ in Hebew.

The EP is a notably beautiful collection of spirital and feel-good tunes which has received a number of incredible reviews since its release. Emilie Nicholls has even gone on to say that “Kara Mack’s beautiful, soulful voice reminds me of Des’ree and Diana King. Kara’s music reveals her dream for a day where equality will exist amongst all races. An amazing voice, an amazing album!” 

On the tour to help promote “Selah” Kara recently held a performance at The Talking Stick in the city of Venice, CA. An incredible video was taken from this show and put on YouTube, so if you were unfortunate enough to miss the show, make sure you check out the video and see what you missed out on.

Kara is still performing a number of shows throughout the country with this tour, so make sure to check out our official gigs section and her official website for all news on when and where Kara Mack will next be playing.

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