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Kevin Gullickson's 'A Taste Of Heaven' is a successful standout!
23 May 2014

Kevin Gullickson’s new song “A Taste Of Heaven” is a dreamy pop-rock tune with airy and uplifting vibes that encapsulate the essence of his music. The seductive melodies and inspiring lyrics create a magnetic ambience that perfectly depicts the emotive response to the beautiful song. Released earlier this year, it was produced by Damien Reilly from Blue Pie Records. The song has extraordinary capabilities to seduce and mesmerize the listener, so it comes as no surprise then, that it has already received an immense array of recognition and praise.

Released in January 2014, “A Taste Of Heaven” has been at the hands of a swagger of incredibly talented industry king-pins including: Chris Garcia (credits include Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Santana and more), Damien Reilly (Credits include Eric Burdon, Gordon Waller, Rusty Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, Beck Black) with musicians Nick Lashley (guitarist for Alanis Morrisette) and Ben Rose (L.A. Session Drummer). Mixed by Tom Polce (CBS Records) and Mastering by Grammy Award winner, Gene Paul at G&J Audio.

Since the song’s release, “A Taste Of Heaven” has been featured on Al Walser’s ‘Weekly Top 20 Countdown’ show, which is the World’s Number 1 Weekly Syndicated Countdown show out of Hollywood and is broadcasted on over 80 radio stations in over 50 countries weekly, attracting over 12.5 million listeners worldwide. The track has also been added to playlists on CBS Radio network worldwide, TRS247 Radio in NYC. Additionally, the single made the ‘Top Ten Indie Artist’ list with hosts Cris & Alysia and has been nominated by Hollywood Music Awards for ‘Best Alternative Song for 2014’.

Gullickson says he “wanted to capture the essence of this time in my life and hope others can relate to a similar time in their life and catch that taste of heaven.” This inspiring single provokes the listener to imagine their full potential and get swept away it the fusion of pop-punk with whimsical undertones. He best describes his music as “motivational rock” that aims to uplift individuals when they are subject to moments of despair. “It’s good to know the rules but, after a while, you’ve got to break them. The most popular songs on Life Today were also the most creative ones, which taught me that if I let go of the calculated song structure and let the song express itself and take its own direction, I would be giving the song more freedom. This time, I also spent more time searching for new and different sounds that worked within the songs. I love working with MIDI and have extensive sound libraries. I’ve added more dimension to the guitar parts, looking for FX to add the right flavour to the part,” he said.

For more of Gullickson’s blissful motivational rock, check out his site here.

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