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Let The Devyl Nellys Funkify your life!
30 Sep 2014

New Jersey’s finest “The Devyl Nellys” have an exciting new release! After the success of their debut CD “Too much information” released in April 2014 on Mondo Tunes/Universal Music, we now have a tasty new morsel to look forward to in the form of their brand spanking new music video “Hot Hurricane” directed by Jayme Thornton. The video is being released October 2nd, 2014 at Spike Hill, Brooklyn NY with doors opening at 7pm.

Founded in 2011 and already boasting over 12,000 followers, members Nelly, Larisa, Vini, Ty, Christian, Benjamin and Craig describe themselves as “paramours of funk folk and moody grooves” and they have already made quite an impression on the music scene in the US and around the globe.

A wide range of influences ranging from Average White Band, The Black Keys, Prince, Pink Floyd to Roy Orbison helped shape the unique sound that these bohemian funk rockers put together in the form of The Devyl Nellys. Clever lyrics and a determination to not conform ensures that these guys are far from the normal music scene – and that’s a good thing!

With such a distinctive sound, it’s hard not to be pulled in by their adventurous music. The catchy guitar riffs and danceable beats will keep you on your toes all night so be sure not to miss this one!

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