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17 Jul 2009

The Blue Pie license team have been flat out this month with another great license secured for the sound track for “Something in the Water”
“Something In The Water” is a music documentary inspired by international documentaries like Hype and Live Forever. “Something In The Water” explores the rich history and diverse setting of once a neglected part of Perth’s identity, directed by Aidan O’Bryan and produced by Janelle Landers of WBMC, this is a documentary you don’t want to miss!

WBMC is a media production company operating on any screen than can entertain, educate and inform. As well as working with talent from all sectors of the creative community. WBMC draws for a rich source of award winning in-house traditional and new media expertise.

The team at WBMC like to have great music and nothing could be better than some iconic pop from Blue Pie Productions.

If you would like to have Blue Pie work with you and your catalogue to secure valuable music license sales then all you need to do is to send an email to and talk to one of our license staff. Thanks again to the team at WBMC for choosing to use Blue Pie for their music needs.

Make sure you check out all sites for details on this upcoming release!

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