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Lokust Luciano and Ordior Media Forge Partnership for Music and Disability Advocacy
01 Feb 2024

In a significant move within the music industry, Lokust Luciano has officially teamed up with Ordior Media, marking a pivotal moment for his artistic trajectory and advocacy efforts.

Blue Pie Records proudly unveils this dynamic collaboration aimed at not only taking Lokust’s musical career to new heights but also championing the cause of disability rights, particularly within the Native American music worlds and local \communities.

As Lokust says:

“I am committed to raising awareness and championing the rights of individuals living with disabilities. Blue PIe Records has been an incredible support network for me and has helped me to achieve new heights with the support that they have been providing. Kate Ingham and the team at Ordior are working on grant submissions with the various agencies and native American support networks here in the USA. I love the energy that the team provides. My media and marketing tools have never been so good, I cant wait to see how we grow over the next 2 years.” 

Lokust is a Cherokee Native and lives with cerebral palsy and has lamented the lack of substantial support for artistic expression. He outlined his vision, stating:

“Funding could be allocated towards a project that promotes inclusivity, challenges stigmas, and creates a more supportive environment for those facing similar challenges to mine!”

This strategic alliance with Ordior Media and Ordior‘s grants team signifies more than just a career move; it serves as a powerful testament to Lokust’s dedication to social issues. With Ordior Media’s backing, Lokust aims to secure the funding that will amplify his impact and contribute to positive change, setting the stage for innovative and transformative projects.

Blue Pie Record has been steadfast in its support for Lokust Luciano, anticipates the ripple effects of this collaboration. As Lokust continues to shatter barriers in the music industry, his advocacy for inclusivity and disability rights adds a commendable dimension to his artistic journey.

Stay tuned for further updates on Lokust Luciano’s ventures.

Join us in rallying behind his mission to create a more inclusive and supportive space for artists facing unique challenges in the Native American community and beyond.

Together, Lokust, Ordior Media, and Blue Pie Records are poised to make waves in both the music industry and the realm of social impact.

You can check out Lokust incredibly personal and passionate new track out now on Spotify:

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