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Looking For Bon, a documentary on Bon Scott's pre-ACDC days announced !!!
23 Dec 2014

Blue Pie artist Peter Head, talks about Bon Scott’s Pre-AC/DC days and shares some vintage letters from his friend, reflecting on his legacy. The documentary of Peter Heads time with Bon from 1970 to 1974 and the Biopic on Bon’s life as told through the eyes of Vince Lovegrove, Bon’s friend and fellow artistic collaborator has been announced.  The documemtary is called “Looking For Bon”

Planet Blue Pictures and Archstone Pictures have partnered to produce the documentary. The purpose of the documentary is to chronicle what was a very creative period for Bon from 1970 to 1974. The objective is to give the viewer an insight into a very creative period of Bon’s life and to enlighten all on just how great a singer he was before he joined ACDC.

It is important to note that Bon was an apprentice rock star in Australia with enormous street credibility emanating from his time with Fraternity and The Mount Lofty Rangers. ACDC took his career to a whole new level but without these formative years there could have been no Bon, it was during this time the future ACDC were looking for Bon in another time zone.

There were many cross roads that appeared along the way least of all Bon nearly killing himself in a motorbike accident. The bands and artists of this period that were resonating with level 11 amplification on the dial were Credence Clearwater, The Band, Deep Purple, James Brown, Bob Dylan and his good friend Peter Head and Headband with the prog rock orchestral sound. All of these incredibly immersive sounds played a huge influence on Bon. The time spent discussing life, philosophy and Bon’s early poetry explorations will come to light through the documentary. As Bon would later come to call his poetry “ toilet poetry “ or street poetry with his observations of life in Australia and its pub culture rock and roll lifestyle that was exploding on the back of drug-fuelled  halcyon days of the late 60’s,early 70’s, and great music. Bon’s creative spark alight with his desire to write and note down through his poetic story telling style just what was happening in his head and around him at the time.

Bon’s care free spirit was well and truly alight. His pre ACDC stage presence had been cut on an apprenticeship that involved the Mount Lofty Rangers, Fraternity who had become one of Australia’s more serious bands often rehearsing for days and all this coupled with what can only be described as a modern day internship of Bon performing in front of US army soldiers in Germany singing soul and blues tracks doing 2 to 3 shows a night often 7 days a week.

As Damien Reilly says:

“You either can cut the mustard as they say or you get booed off the stage. Thankfully for all of us Bon cut the mustard in half and through it back to the crowd in bucket loads of voice, body and spirit endearing himself to all that fell upon his gaze. He was the likeable rebel that had everyone’s cause as his motivation, to sing and shout to the people of the world that we are all alive ! “

Looking for Bon is the documentary about Bon’s life from 1970 to 1974. Further announcements will follow on the Biopic about Bon’s life. The soundtrack will be produced by Blue Pie Productions and feature some incredible music from HeadBand, Bon Scott and some great artists from the period. The sound track will be produced by Ted Yani, Peter Head, Damien Reilly and Danny Saber

You can check out the Billboard Magazine feature out today in the USA at the following link or you can download a PDF of the article below + get a cop of Bon’s pre-ACDC bio from Head Office Records.

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