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Meet OJB Jezreel and Ayo Jezreel - the father's legacy carried by the son
26 Oct 2019

OJB Jezreel. An influence on young kids, up-and-coming artists, and music lovers of all shapes and sizes… an artist who will be sadly missed. In 2016 Jezreel passed away, and Nedjon Instrumental will be bringing his estate to the label, along with his son Ayo Jezreel’s work. Through this, we can rest assured that even though he’s not here in person, his music will live on, and his son will carry the torch through his own music.

An avid believer in God, Jezreel primarily made gospel music. His music was frequently sampled by newcomers to the industry, and had good reason to be – a song created with devotion and passion is eternal, and has the most cause to be used in such a way.

Each time a song of his was sampled, it not only complemented his own music, but the music it was added to, making it a fitting tribute to the mastery of his work. He truly was one of Nigeria’s greatest worshippers, and pulled in a crowd to match this reputation every time! His son continues this legacy today.

A religious man like himself would probably appreciate the legacy he left behind, as he debatably lives on in more ways than one – he lives on strongly through his memorable tracks. As newer, younger musicians sample him, he will never truly die. A passionate musician ensures one thing – they are their music. OJB Jezreel was a living example of this, and it can clearly still be seen to be true today. This is why we celebrate Ayo Jezreel’s music – the new stage of inspiration from this legacy. Next time you listen to one of his tracks or pray for him, remember that. And remember a great man.

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