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MySpace: I'll Be Back!
10 Oct 2011

We found this article in The Music Network Magazine. We think it’s a good thing MySpace is planning to move their focus back to music instead of social networking, an especially good that the new management will be focusing on independent bands and labels.

Here’s a little taste of the article:

Myspace is coming back… again…

In its second major re-launch in a year and firmly under new management, Myspace is targeting the indie sector as part of a back-to-basics repositioning.

CEO Tim Vanderhook said “Nobody has the relationships we have with the four major labels, the catalogue of 25,000 independent artists and 42 million songs,” he said. “If you take Facebook’s music announcements with Rdio, MOG and Spotify and you aggregated all those services up and took their audio catalogue, it’s not even half of what MySpace has.”

He argues the company lost focus of its indie roots (and market differentiation around this) while under the ownership of News Corp. and that now is the time to use this in its reinvention.

You can read the whole article HERE!

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