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Ray Vanderby reunites with Rock!
05 Apr 2011

RVQ’s frontman Ray Vanderby admits he feels like he’s been re-born after 3 years away from the rock-genre. He’s recently re-ignited his passion for rock having written 2 singles and a 10-track album after forming the 5-piece progressive rock band “RVQ” in 2010. As one insider journalist recently commented to Ray “Great to see you finally really powering along again – congratulations,” as if to say where have you been Ray? What were you thinking?

Vanderby is well known for his wild on-stage antics, throwing around a Hammond C3 organ with his previous band, “Cosmic Nomads”, who released 3 albums from 2003 to 2006. “Cosmic Nomads” have cut their teeth on stages include; The Empire, Hopetoun and Bridge Hotels in Sydney and The Espy, Cornish Arms, Railway, Central Club and National Hotels in Melbourne/Geelong.

Moving back home to NSW in 2009, Ray Vanderby formed “RVQ” and made a fresh start. “RVQ” includes Dale Tuckey, Ebbo Brown, Brendan White and Lee Campbell.

“No more song dedications for me,” says Ray in a recent interview, “just music from the heart and soul”. Vanderby signed a worldwide deal with Blue Pie Productions and “RVQ’s” debut single and video will be released shortly, the date yet to be confirmed. “RVQ” is in the middle of mixing at Free Energy Device Sydney with audio engineer, Richard Belkner.

Starting at the young age of 12, Ray Vanderby was soon known to be the “youngest semi-professional keyboard player in Australia” in 1965. After touring and recording with Marcia Hines, Doug Parkinson, Blackfeather and Stevie Wright, the 1990s saw the rise of his first band called “93-D”. He won the WROC/BMG National Song Writing Competition in 1991 with his song Suspicious, which later that year reached the Top 100 after being added to commercial radio rotations.

“RVQ” is booked to do a regional album launch on Saturday 1st October at John Carter’s 4 on the 4loor new artist showcase Victoria Hotel Orange. Some Sydney dates will be forthcoming shortly.

For more information check out the band’s website:  

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