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Revisiting Ray Vanderby! Sending good holiday vibes to one of our favs!
15 Dec 2021

Ray Vanderby has often been the subject of a few of our raves in the past, as we love the man’s music and wide range of talents. For anyone new in the crowd, the free documentary from Planet Blue Pictures on Youtube will tell you all you need to know about this titan of a musician.

Essential to modern music in Australian culture, Ray Vanderby is very respected around our neck of the woods. Known lately for his exploits with Corrugated Iron, his style is flexible, transitioning genre and aesthetic to best suit the mood of any given song, splicing jazzy tracks with piano classics and even Aboriginal folk music! Indeed, Ray Vanderby may need no introduction to many of you: his collaborations with multiple prominent artists across an eclectic range of styles demonstrates his commitment to Australian music, as well as his unquestionable skill.

This skill can be seen clearly in the songs sprinkled throughout each interview in the documentary. Starting off strong with a funny little number about an elephant sitting in some soup, you’ll be taking a deep dive into both Ray’s history with heavy hitters like like the Easybeats as well as his eclectic musical style in general.

One of Australia’s pioneers in tickling the ivories, Ray is truly an Australian icon that we’re very grateful to have on the label, and this documentary shows off the sheer scope of what he brings to the table. His history, the passion he puts into his work, and the flexible talent he possesses are all clearly on display here, and you can follow the story straight from the horse’s mouth, as Ray walks you through his journey from his beginnings to the notable point at which he stands now, which you can read about here in his official bio. He’s passionate among many other things, and his work is amassing thousands of plays across the multiple platforms that feature it!

But of course, just watching a documentary isn’t a personal introduction to Ray as a human being. You might have been lucky enough to meet Ray personally, but for the rest of us, we can learn who he is through his beautiful, fresh, and sometimes playful tunes! After all, they say an artist’s soul is put into their work. This is also true for the bands that Ray has been a part of.

Almost a combination between spy movie rock and Aussie rock, Corrugated Iron is yet another example of how Ray’s style can adapt itself to what is needed. This particular outing is a bitter, melancholy piece about growing old and the nostalgia of the twilight years. It’s extremely emotional, and the lyrics are directed towards someone who has passed on. It speaks about attaining a perfection that is impossible to achieve, with nostalgia leaking memories like a wound. If this is a personal story told from Ray, his current music is brilliant, and nostalgia is a fickle thing that may well apply to his present day experiences eventually! Ray’s music has a tendency to make people happy, or if it’s not a happy song, to make them feel something, which is worth appreciating. Even in the midst of life, which in recent years, has taken a turn for the worse the world over, we still have artists like Ray Vanderby, as well as his bands including Corrugated Iron, to make our lives brighter. And speaking for everyone from the Blue Pie office – Ray and his team definitely do just that for us! So with a Corrugated Iron playlist ready to roll, we’d like to extend our best holiday wishes to Ray and his bands. They’ve earned it for the smiles they’ve put on our faces in these dark, dire times.

Check out more about Ray Vanderby here!


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