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Sam Pollard cycling for a World of Difference - Day 3, 4 & 5!
22 Nov 2012

Day 3 – Grenfell

Day 3 was another challenge accomplished for Sam! There were a considerable amount of road works and hills throughout the commute, as well as a lot of sun and hot winds making the temperatures feel as though they soared. Sam made it to the campsite at 6:30, and was visited by a local lady an hour later who had hoped for him to play at a Hotel, apparently they were already a little bit late!!

No worries though, Sam and the crew geared up and headed straight to town, where the locals had been eagerly awaiting. It was a great turn out, and a friendly atmosphere, with much attendance. Thanks for having us guys!

Day 4 – Ardlethan

Today was another BIG day for Sam and the boys.  The past five days had been such a busy trip through the rocky, hilly mountains, and included surprise visitors and live shows! Tonight was the night to catch up on a much needed rest and comfy sleep.

Some great shots of the tour were taken including scenery and music. With another 243km to travel the next day, it’s no wonder the boys were stuffed! The crew and Sam have all been busy busting tunes, tyres and broadcasting it all live to share nationally!

They have been advised to take it easy tonight, enjoy a nap and a hot shower!

Day 5 – Hay

Hay was extremely exciting! Though Nic had to have a rest due to a sore knee on the last 50km, leaving Sam flying (or riding) solo. All was well in the end, with the rest leaving Nic feeling much better.

The crew headed on the journey which ended up being a bit shorter than expected.  However, with roaring winds and heat, they made it in time with three minutes to spare before joining in the ‘Shear Outback’ competition. The boys got to have a go catching and shearing sheep, which was surprisingly difficult, especially after such a long bike trip. The performance was unique, featuring Sam on a stool surrounded by hay and wool, busting a tune to the locals and tourists!

The Historic Bishops Lodge was a sight for sore eyes! The crew snapped a lot of fantastic scenes of the beautiful sights dating as far back as 1888

Follow Sam on his trip through and be sure to look out for more live streaming videos on the Official Facebook Page!

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