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Scott Savol releases his debut album "In Spite of All" to the world!
02 May 2012

Scott Savol has been a performer from a young age, growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to his stint on American Idol, he was encompassed in life performance festivals, church functions and school shows.


Despite having no formal experience in vocal training, Scott cast a spell over the people of America on the reality television talent show American Idol. Throughout this time period, Savol outlasted many accomplished performers to come within the top five of the contest.

His down-to-earth and deeply spiritual attitude, in conjunction with his incredible talent of performing led to the development of Savol’s career even after leaving American Idol. Since then he completed his first post-Idol single “Don’t Rush” (2008) and developed his debut album “In Spite of All”, which was released in December 2011.

From “In Spite of All” Savol has already released his first single, “Beauty Queen”, and it would appear that the fan base he developed from his Idol base due to his gospel, pop and soul interests and sounds has continued to support him even after his retirement from the show.

To check out “In Spite of All” and show your support to Scott Savol, just click on the iTunes link.

Scott Savol is signed with Mahoning Valley Records and his music is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie Records.

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