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Soularflair drops three singles and videos in rapid succession! Get ready to get lit.
10 May 2021

Hold onto something, Soularflair fans – he’s come out swinging with three new releases! Each of them with a music video AND a single on all major online music streaming services and retailers! We have “Faceless, Nameless”, “Dystopia”, and “Subscara”!

Ever since he released Enemedia, we’ve been waiting eagerly for where he’s going to take his music next. We’re glad to have the answer, and of course, glad that the answer is as incredible as Soularflair’s work always is!

These tracks all go hard as well as transport us to a chill dimension to vibe and lose ourselves in, as is to be expected with Soularflair’s work. And as for the music videos, they’re of the same visual quality that you’d expect from his previous audiovisual outings! Soularflair has handled many a music video for us previously, so it stands to reason that when he makes a music video for his own tracks, it’s gonna be as good as these are!

Soularflair’s work has given us much to smile about, whether it be his music video work on acts like Sam Pollard or Southpaw, his incredible music, or his work under his DJ alias, Attarraxx. He’s a diamond in the rough and we couldn’t be happier to have uncovered him – because it’s in these sorts of times when diamonds can really shine!

Southpaw – Coast To Coast from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

And of course, his Spotify work speaks for itself – his score work with Stuck In The Q in particular has gotten him noticed on that platform, and we’re eager for every single bit of new content he’ll have for us… waiting on it gladly, Soularflair! We’ve got an eye on your profiles. 😀

To find out more about Soularflair, send an email to and we’ll answer any questions that we can about this rising star… or you could always check out his links!


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