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Stinga T is making a buzz with an award and new tracks!
20 Sep 2013

Aussie hip-hop artist Stinga T recently won best indigenous male artist of the year, thanks to his latest smash-hit album “Underdog Status”. His latest album contains 8 incredible tracks, including his hit singles, “Underdog Status”, “Who Got Our Back”, and “Dominating”. Each track on the album is raw and direct, captivating listeners with his piercing lyrics all over the world.

With the success and attention Stinga T has been getting with “Underdog Status”, Stinga T is back in the studio working on some new tracks with Craig Fraser. Craig Fraser is providing the riffs while Stinga T will provide the street poetry that he has become famous for. His album  “Underdog Status” is now available through many digital retailers. For all the latest news on Stinga T, please visit his official website here.

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