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Sydonia are going to be aired on Channel [V] Tonight! Don't miss it!
07 Jul 2014

Tonight, for all the lucky people who have a Foxtel subscription, flick over to Channel [V] to have a squiz at Sydonia’s Reality Kicks Official Video!

After a crazy tour of Australia, Sydonia have come to an end, going out in style with their outstanding performances.In a recent Facebook post, the band thanked all the punters who came to a show, supported the band and had a head banging good time:

“The Reality Kicks tour is over and we have had an amazing time all over Australia, we hope you have too! Thanks to everyone who came to a show! Share your memories of the tour below… favourite show or song or photos from the show you went to! BIG GLOVE!!!!!!”

The Reality Kicks tour blazed through May, June and the beginning of July, where they tore up multiple towns across Australia, ripped into their audience and screamed their way through electrifying performances. The boys sure know how to entertain, and wreck havoc amongst the country!

Make sure you tune in to [V] Loud on [V] Music – Channel [V] Australia at 10:00pm to see Sydonia and Darkc3ll‘s filmclips in all their glory!

“Sydonia put love, care and thought into each track on Reality Kicks. The guitar tones are aggressive throughout and Dana’s vocals walk a line between King Buzzo (Melvins) and Daniel John’s of Australias’ Silverchair. He can scream too though boy but you never feel as if he is one of these try hard singer trying to encompass all elements of rock to gain a higher appeal level. It all sounds natural and beautifully put together.”


For more, check out their website 

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