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The Argues gets some news love from the ABC
25 Nov 2010

The Argues gets some news love from the ABC. Mockumentary, ‘ The Argues’, follows the journey of an out of work actor struggling to get himself a word class agent and starting a wild duck chase instead.

The result is an insight into the world behind the glamour of Hollywood.But the tongue-in-cheek film was born under David Argues’ clothesline as he created his next co-star: a four foot black duck with rope legs, a big yellow beak and ‘a really bad attitude’. His mum, Patricia, sat in the kitchen watching dubiously as he messed about with feathers, interrupting him to plea, “David you’ve got to get a job.” The actor could only reply, “I know mum, that’s why I’m making this duck.” When David finished bringing ‘Leon Skanks’ to life, he packed up his mum and the puppet and all three embarked on a filming adventure.

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