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The Classic Cartoons sounding better than ever with TGFA!
08 Sep 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends time, The Great Film Archives (TGFA) has joined forces with Blue Pie Records and Ordior to preserve the rich history of animation and music. Together, they are breathing new life into beloved classic cartoons and their iconic soundtracks, ensuring that these timeless treasures remain accessible to audiences worldwide.

The Great Film Archives boasts an extensive catalogue of classic cartoons that have captured the hearts of generations. From the mischievous Woody Woodpecker to the lovable Casper the Friendly Ghost, and even the legendary Superman, this partnership with KMI has brought together a dazzling array of animated legends. Explore this vibrant catalogue at

At the heart of this awe-inspiring endeavor is the meticulous restoration work carried out by Gabe Rizza and the dedicated team at TGFA. They have painstakingly breathed new life into vintage works from Merrie Melodies and Aesop’s Fables, ensuring that the playful and delightful music accompanying these animated gems is heard in crisp, digital quality. Discover these masterpieces on Spotify, and imagine the characters dancing to the beat! These are just a FEW samples of the awesome quality stuff we got on there!

The partnership between TGFA, Blue Pie Records, and Ordior has unleashed a wave of inspiration for modern artists and creators. You may have heard some modern music on sites such as Soundcloud sampling old cartoons and other such similar media in recent years, so we’re certain that such creators are going to have a field day sampling some of this fresh vintage content, especially considering that it is now remastered and sounding clearer than ever! Even one of the most popular indie games from 2023, Pizza Tower, used 1920 favourite song “After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It” by Irving Berlin in its final boss soundtrack… just imagine what sort of whacky things TFGA’s catalogue will be able to be used towards going forward!


These incredible examples speak for themselves, and indicate the highest quality: the partnership between KMI and the Great Film Archives, as well as between us and TGFA, the sky is the limit and the endless creativity that is right at our fingertips thanks to the magic of the current online era is positively tantalising! We’re certain that the genius minds behind these wonderful works could have never dreamed that these creations would be accessible anywhere in the world, on demand, from the palm of your hand, but here we are! Not to mention the awesome soundtracks of these works, which are now available for beat making and sampling, and can be found in-full on TGFA’s website!

Planet Blue Pictures, serving as TGFA’s global distribution partner, ensures that these timeless creations reach a broader audience than ever before, both in terms of audio and visuals. In tandem, Ordior safeguards the rights of the content within TGFA’s catalogue, assuring proper management and royalty distribution to rights holders. This comprehensive partnership secures the legacy of these cultural treasures in the digital age.

Dive into the magic of classic cartoons, relish the captivating melodies, and explore the boundless creativity they inspire. Here’s a link that will get you straight into the more cartoony side of things:

For more information on TGFA’s archive restoration and management services, contact

Delve into the enchanting world of vintage animation and iconic soundtracks by visiting the official website at The team at TGFA, along with their esteemed partners, eagerly anticipate your journey into the past and the rediscovery of cherished classics.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the timelessness of animation and music. TGFA and its partners invite you to indulge in the whimsy, nostalgia, and enduring creativity of classic cartoons and their unforgettable soundtracks. Dive in, relive the magic, and let the zany content transport you to a bygone era that continues to captivate hearts and minds.

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