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Discover the power of the cover song and how the Olivia Project created some of the most amazing covers of Olivia Newton-John's incredible hit fill catalogue !
17 May 2024

For fans the fans of Olivia Newton-John, The Olivia Project is a must-listen. Dive into these remastered and polished covers that pay homage to Australia’s beloved songstress. Check them out here on spotify:

Explore this Incredible Catalogue from Australia’s Pride Music. It’s a catalogue from EDM dance music pioneer Wayne Pina-Roozemond who founded Pride Music in the late ’80s. The label quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the hottest names in EDM in Australia and by the early ’90s, boasting numerous top 10 hits.

Pride Music reached its peak in the mid-’90s with several top-five hits in Japan and two No 1 hits. Wayne was a trailblazer in the early ’90s dance and rave scenes in Sydney, collaborating with iconic groups like The KLF, The Olivia Project, Wanda Dee, Atlas, First Degree, and Jamie Watson.

We hope that you will come to Xandu once more with us and dance away to these great hits.

The Olivia Project and Xandu

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