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The Twitch are feelin' the radio love!
09 Aug 2013

Keep your ears open for the rock band, ‘The Twitch’, because they have been receiving a whole lotta radio recognition this month!

And we’re not just talking the States! The Twitch have even been mentioned on radio stations overseas! The radio stations that have fallen for The Twitch’s music include:

  • 101.1 FM KLOL – Denver, Colorado USA
  • KILT FM – Dallas, Texas USA
  • KROC FM – Louisville, Kentucky USA
  • Massive Rock Radio – New York City, New York USA
  • WLIV FM – Phoenix, Arizona USA
  • Z100 Rocks! – Indianapolis, Indiana USA

And the ones overseas include:

  • Bay FM, Byron Bay, Australia
  • Radio Onda Rossa, Roma, Italy
  • All India Radio, New Delhi, India

So make sure you remember the name, The Twitch, because these stations are just the beginning for the band’s airplay. Luckily for the US civilians, they’re currently on tour along the west coast, which you can check out on our gig list here.

For more info on The Twitch, you can check out their official site here.

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