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The Upset Victory are rocking the planet
05 May 2010

Upset Victory demo shoot

The Upset Victory are kicking the world to turn their way and rocking the planet at the same time ! The band is record recording pre-production demos this upcoming Sunday in their hometown, then they are headed to Boston in June to record 2 or 3 high quality tracks at Time Bomb Studios (


The new release will be available on Blue Pie for the world. The bands new music video for our song “THE WILL” will be completed over the next month or so and ready for release to the world. The band says that the clips is looking incredible so far! It should be completely edited by the end of June. You can check out some of the behind the scenes shots from the band here. The band are breaking in their new drummer (Kevin Deem) and vocalist (Jason Dill). Frank now shares lead vocals with Jason Dill. Things sound better than ever and both the band and Blue Pie and our global marketing team are all excited about the new directions that the band are heading in. For all the latest news on the band you can visit their website and my space sites at +

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