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Updates on The Twitch!
02 May 2011

Band members from The Twitch are scurrying around the studios, laying down their tracks for an upcoming album. Without revealing too much, it will be worth the wait!

Also on the cards for The Twitch is more rehearsal time for their upcoming gigs! They will be playing at the Tiger Lounge on May 6 in Seattle, Washington USA. Come on down and try to catch The Twitch’s awe-inspiring live show.

Gaining much radio attention in the past couple of weeks, the radio keep coming back for more! The Twitch will be on Washington’s KISM FM on Sunday May 29 at 7pm. They will be featured on the program ‘Locals Only with Pooner’, so tune in and keep an ear out!

For more information and updates on The Twitch, head to:

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