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US teens listen to music through YouTube over other sources!
25 Aug 2012

An article was recently posted with statistics showing that more teenagers are now using YouTube to listen to music. This information has been acquired through Nielson’s “Music 360” report, where ‘almost two-thirds of U.S. teenagers find Google’s YouTube is now a more important source of music than radio (54%), iTunes (53%) and CDs (50%)’.

This is an extremely important stastistic to musicians worldwide, creating insight into new possibilties for their social media and marketing, and placing an even higher importance in having a range of videos for fans to view on their YouTube accounts.
The information is proven by the current wave of internet success stories in popular music, all having a generous selection of live, studio or cover videos and even dedications to loyal fans!
We urge all artists to embrace the ever-growing YouTube phenomenon and read further for more information!
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