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World Of Difference! A new music video to make us smile in these dark times!
21 Apr 2020

These times have been dark. What with fears over a third world war, Australia burning in a hellish firestorm, and now with Coronavirus affecting how society itself functions, 2020 has not been a good year for many. It may be hard for any one person to make a true difference. Perhaps we need to learn to be satisfied with the small improvements we can bring to ourselves, and the lives of others – someone having a bad day will still have had a bad day, even if you make them smile. But at least that smile happened.

With this sentiment in mind, it’s with our greatest hopes that the music video for Sam Pollard’s “World Of Difference” will allow you to smile, even if it’s only a little, and even if your day is still a bad day afterwards.

The man himself, Soularflair, was behind editing this one, and of course we have Sam to thank for this track in the first place. Hopefully this song and video can make some of us smile in these trying times! And in case you wanted to take your time with this one, here are the lyrics so you can read through them at your own pace.



We can all make a difference!

I’ve been spending all my time
Wondering how it’s gonna end
Think about if I can get through another day
I’ve been spending all my life
Look around what’s happening now
Think about the world and it will help us
What you’re doing now
What you’re saying now
Can make the world of difference
Don’t forget me now, won’t you sing it loud
We’ll need a place to remember

Life’s too short, to worry about if it’s gonna happen
Life’s too short, just sort out all your problems now
Life’s too short, just smile every day you’ll feel much better
Just laugh be happy

Wonder how it’s gonna end, is it going through your head
Don’t save it for another day
When your time is running out, make a move don’t turn around
We’ll leave a world to remember

Won’t you all remember
How we made it better?
Made a world of difference
Now you won’t forget me


Why not click here to see the love this video and song have been getting on Sam Pollard’s Facebook?

Between this and Steps, Sam Pollard has his hands full with getting his passionate message out into the world. And with Soularflair’s funky editing skills as we’ve seen from his videos in the past backing him up, we think it’s a fair statement to say there’s very little that Sam can’t do at this rate!

Feel free to check out the video on all platforms!

Sam Pollard is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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