blue pie Release

Jet Set Lounge
7 / 08 / 2013

Pack your intellectual bags armchair safari-ers and prepare for the musical impressions of destinations from the distant and foreign to the closed eyelid dreamt mythical shangri-las. This Anthology of Lounge-Exotica, Vol.1 is a combinations of chilled out dance music and tropical impressionist space aged pop!

The opening track ‘Aquarian’ by d.C. soulplusmind is a pulsating and tropical tour de France of production. With a loopy entrancing style d.C. slowly introduces and subtracts elements from the sonic palate to create a busy and fruitful track. Clean guitar hooks punctuate the bit crushed rhythm in a light and chilled out way.  This track is then followed by Doomwork’s ‘Independence’ is an eerie and deep club track that seems to be bottomless. Its groove is hypnotic and the seminal vocals delicately intertwine with the bass focused sonics.

This anthology is as diverse as it is long with each track adding a new twist to the tale and yet carrying on the one theme. Let this album entrance you!

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