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Just when you thought we were done with Bigg Cixx, here comes "Real"!
6 / 03 / 2019

If you’re ready for more chill urban tunes to cruise around to, Bigg Cixx has the market cornered lately! His latest banger, Real, features Danny Stunner and Damire Major, and spits some truth bombs along with the Cali fire that Cixx is known for!

How can a beat be so chill and smooth while the lyrics go so hard and don’t pull any punches?! I guess Bigg Cixx and crew just have the balance down-pat. The great mix of vocals that Danny and Damire bring to the table also help this slap in just the right way- the kinda way that makes you nod your head to the beat. And this banger is sure to spread quickly- check out Bigg Cixx’s Spotify below- Real is gonna be on there in the next few days!


What next for the Bigg Cixx crew? Well, if their last three releases are anything to go by, it’ll be chill, hardcore, and slap like nothing else!

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