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Dave Evans has had an incredible week, since we last wrote about him his Facebook page has been swamped with posts and photos documenting his tour through South America, bringing the best in Australian Rock to the continent on a... more

Iconic Australian Rocker Dave Evans is touring South America at the moment, heading through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, Dave will be performing all his ACDC Hits and music from his solo career with the South American Badasses. We’ve already... more

On October 28th in the city of Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana, the city holds Henry Turner Jr Day, a music festival designed to promote new talent and identify cultural need in the local area, as well as to... more

Legend of Rock Dave Evans is about to start his massive South America Downunder Tour! Bringing the best in Australian Rock from the One and Only Dave Evans to South America!!! From October until December he will be travelling through... more

For four nights and four spectacular shows at different venues across Oregon and Idaho LadyDice’s Freakshow will be bringing you a wild night of intense sideshow and horror music and delights, with music, dancing, contests, a sword swallowing, acrobatics, fire... more

The Rise of Dawn

Black Dawn’s rich guitar compositions, loud bass and intense lyrics are the perfect energy riser for any occasion. Black Dawn produces music that bleeds raw emotion and reflects the best of the Heavy Metal genre. Black Dawn has been producing... more

Dance the night away with DL Down3r on February 9th at club Lumina in Velarde, NM. DL Down3r known as the iconic ‘Mr Suga Boom Boom’ will be rapping the night away with a series of his hits including ‘Suga... more

Get ready to party all night long with the Get Lifted Tour hosted by Snoop Dogg aka DJ Snoopadelic. Snoop Dogg is one of hip-hop’s most successful artists and will be sure to put on a great show. The shows... more

Down3r and LadyDice have been killing it during their current tour, ‘Tha Suga Boom Boom Tour’. Their intoxicating blend of dope beats, lyrics and an anti-establishment vibe have been raking the fans in. The pair has also been hard at... more

Black Dawn members Matt Kotten, Tom Kelly, Enzo DiPaolo & Shawn Cox have been tearing up the Long Island, New York City area since 1996. The band’s metal/ heavy rock style brings the energy to the next level. Previous releases... more

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