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This weekend there's something very special coming up in Miami, Florida! The legendary Eastside Boyz are Pulling Up and getting ready to Gettem, this news got us hype and it might just do that for you, too! They're about to... more

The Sold My Soul To Rock And Roll Tour is still ongoing! Dave Evans is thoroughly proving himself as the hardest working man in Oz Rock today, given all the crazy extended trips around the world that he's been doing... more

Yesterday we hinted at it, and today we're bringing you the sweet details! May 7th, the Latin Bash, Yakima with DL Down3r! Check it out! The details are all in the poster. DL Down3r will be showing up with several... more

It seems that Dave Evans can't keep away from Latin America lately! The last tour Dave did was the Rocktober California tour, and immediately before that was another Latin American tour. Yeah, it wasn't long since his last tour in... more

Originally, there was going to be a big performance on Down3r's birthday party. But after being pushed back, new plans were made... and now, it's time for THE AFTER PARTY! On March 25th, there'll be a big party going down,... more

If you've been following our news lately, you might remember when recently Dave Evans AND Joe Wyman of The Scorpions lit up Mexico, and when Dave tore up America earlier this year! Well, we have good news if you're itching... more

Last time we checked in with Henry Turner Jr., he was making his way to the big screen with Music Dreams - An American Story! Since then, he got out his eating irons for the Soul Food Festival Pre-Party on... more

Get ready to rock on, Mexico! Dave Evans AND Joe Wyman of The Scorpions are gonna be lighting up the town down your way with some new killer tours for 2021! Where and when, you may be asking! Well, Dave... more

The Sound Of Dreams tour is an upcoming blockbuster event for all you folks up North! Straight from Last Call Music comes a collaboration between Uno Tha Prodigy and the one and only Mr Suga Boom Boom, DL Down3r himself!... more

Down3r fans ought to be excited! Remember when Down3r tore up the track at the Bakersfield Speedway recently? He even gave us a direct shoutout! Well this October, he's revving it up for round 2... and he's not alone! Check... more

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