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From a very young age, Trizzac knew he had an ear for music. This raw talent wasn’t left untouched, as he held an incredible passion, most particularly for the piano, and started playing before he reached the age of 10. His potential, coupled with desire left a developing star in the midst.

But Trizzac did not stop there, and soon after he learnt to play the trombone. He had the opportunity to play with a full jazz band, and this in combination with his Jazz Piano studies allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the music he loved.  Throughout his time as a music industry professional, he has released over 5 RnB/gospel/soul genre based albums, two of his most notable being ‘Sacred Journey’ and ‘Planet Eden,’ on top of establishing his own label ‘More Than Enough Ent.’ His latest release ‘it’s OK to pray,’ was released in Feb 2013 and is available on Itunes via Blue Pie Productions.

If you are in need of taking a musical escape to a place of tranquillity and peace, Trizzac is certainly the artist that can do that for you.

“These albums are exciting and motivating. It took passion and imagination to create them. When you hear each music selection, let your imagination soar to its highest peak.”  Damien Reilly | Blue Pie Records USA

Triazzac is Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

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