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Radio is loving Sam! Sam Pollard taking more Steps towards a World of Difference!
11 May 2020

Sam Pollard now has over 1350 listeners on Spotify, and that number is growing by the day! Not only that, he has combined streams of 300,000 plays across Spotify | YouTube | iTunes and Deezer. Steps is one of our most popular campaigns that we’ve ever ran on iPluggers, with 11k monthly listeners! One might say we’ve taken a Step in the right direction, perhaps even making a World Of Difference for Sam Pollard – in fact, that’s exactly what we said last time, and it seems to be truer by the day! It’s little wonder that Steps and World Of Difference are seeing the success they are. They’re both excellent works by a truly passionate musical individual. We’ll let them speak for themselves for anyone not caught up to speed.

We already went over where in the world Sam is playing in a previous article, so let’s mix it up this time… By also giving you guys a mini update on the World of Difference music video! Nothing too new going on with it, just happy to say that it’s continuing to see success! See for yourself!

We have Sam to thank for this track in the first place, and Adam aka Soularflair to thank for the fantastic video that’s captured its sentiment visually. Hopefully this song and video can make some of us smile in these trying times – it seems to have worked magnificently so far!

Why not click here to see for yourself the love this video and song have been getting on Sam Pollard’s Facebook?

Or perhaps click here to see on Youtube!

Between this and Steps, as well as the massively successful radio campaign and streaming results, Sam Pollard has his hands full with getting his passionate message out into the world. And with Soularflair’s funky editing skills as we’ve seen from his videos in the past backing him up, we think it’s a fair statement to say there’s very little that Sam can’t do at this rate! And Soularflair at the helm is a surefire guarantee that your video is gonna pop.

With Soularflair and Sam working the multimedia, and with radio campaigns globally bringing the house down with Steps, you’ll soon be doing your OWN track-by-track reviews before you know it, just like we did when we first heard it! World Of Difference will also bring beauty to wherever it’s played, of course. It’s truly a privilege to see this unfold! We’ve been in Sam’s corner for the longest time now, and it’s beautiful to see this develop as it has been, while reminiscing on the tributes we’ve made for him in the past.

Like we always say, Sam’s going further and further every year, and it’s going to be a stellar experience for all involved! It’s a beautiful thing to see an artist’s vision becoming recognised, and it’s our pleasure to be driving the campaign that takes Sam one step further towards this in the public eye. With a music video which is in our opinion brilliant, and with these kinds of results, well… it can’t be far away until he truly explodes onto the scene! Watch this space, we’re rooting for you Sam!
Sam Pollard is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Sam is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).


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