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Suzanna Lubrano bringing Zouk back!
24 Oct 2019

Keen fans of Suzanna’s Instagram recently may have noticed a flyer floating around!

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If you were lucky enough to be in Angola on the 19th of October, you could have taken in the Zouk festival of a lifetime! If you’re unaware, Zouk is a Caribbean style of dancing. Very fast paced and elegant. And Suzanna Lubrano’s music was bound to help the dancers all throughout the festival strut their stuff properly!


Yep, Suzanna and friends have entertained some very lucky Zouk enthusiasts. Luandina had quite a show on their hands, and Angola soon won’t forget Suzanna’s wonderful voice. The rest of the internet certainly hasn’t, given her skyrocketing popularity!
Suzanna Lubrano is known for her various talents as seen in her bio, and she is no stranger to concerts, as seen on various Qello listings! If you can’t get enough of seeing her live, her concerts are also available on demand on Amazon prime for the UK and USA! Now that’s great value. Get hype for her work in whatever way works best for you!

To check out even more of Suzanna, check out these official links below!

And if you wanted to revisit some Suzanna Lubrano classics or see for yourself what all that popularity is about, check out this comprehensive playlist full of all of her greatest hits, delivered straight from yours truly!


We’re waiting with bated breath for her next performance. Where will she party next?

Suzanna Lubrano - 19th October 2019


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