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Three hashtag movements boost DL Down3r's music to new heights!
13 Mar 2019

DL Down3r’s song “Suga Boom Boom” has been making massive waves lately, as have his other songs! But there’s no denying the sheer gravitas that “Suga Boom Boom” holds over both the fanbase and any new listeners!

It’s the kind of catchy track you can easily nod your head to, and if you listen closely, the meaning in its lyrics will be sure to give you pause for thought, especially if you or a loved one have experienced the trials and tribulations of addiction. Given how much it gets stuck in your head, as well as touches the hearts of those who listen to it, especially those who have experienced its subject matter first or second hand, the team at Blue Pie and DJ Central have come up with an idea to unite the community under the message it brings.

Three hashtags have acted as the flagship for Down3r’s promotions lately, as conceived by our Social Media Manager- #SugaBoomBoomReviews, #SugaBoomBoomCovers, and #SugaBoomBoomTribute. Each of these serves a different function within social media feeds, and results have been impressive and exciting thus far!

#SugaBoomBoomReviews is a hashtag for those who have something to say about Down3r’s work- either the titular “Suga Boom Boom” itself or any general work he’s done, but of course we’d love to hear what you think of his most-known song especially! Write something compelling about the beats above, or about Down3r himself, and tag it with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomReviews when you post it to us. Particularly interesting reviews have a chance to make it onto the DJ Central newsletter, our social media posts, or an article on one of our websites! Send em in, wordsmiths! We need your thoughts and opinions!

#SugaBoomBoomCovers is for those with more of a musical talent than a writing talent. We want you to cover any song of Down3r’s that you vibe with, but especially “Suga Boom Boom”, as of course, it is the most well known song! We’ve already got some incredible covers coming our way, so why not contribute your own flow and style to them and show us what you got?! Particularly good posts with this hashtag sent to us have a chance to make it into DJ Central season 6… you wanna be a TV star?! You want thousands of fans to stream your cover into their homes once the series is complete! Start submitting those covers ASAP!

#SugaBoomBoomTribute is for contributions that don’t fall under either of the above two hashtags. But just because it’s a miscellaneous pursuit doesn’t mean that it isn’t gonna be as talented as you can possibly get… check out this amazing hula hoop dance from Sunsiren to Down3r’s “River” remix! But why just one? We have TWO hula hoop routines to some of Down3r’s greatest hits right here! Maybe a “Suga Boom Boom” hula dance is in the works for Sunsiren next… Or maybe some new work is gonna come from you! Send us your tributes to Down3r himself or “Suga Boom Boom” specifically and tag em with that hashtag, and we’ll feature those too!

But say that you don’t wanna post your work publicly with a hashtag? Fear not, just chuck us your work in an email attachment to with the appropriate hashtag as the subject line, and it’ll be put through with no fuss.

No matter how you like to create content, there’s a niche for you in this hashtag triple threat, so get submitting and get famous, and keep bumping “Suga Boom Boom” with pride! As of now, the competitions will be running indefinitely, but that’ll change eventually… so hit us up with your best shot as soon as possible! Dream big, you got this!

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