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A whole lotta Soularflair to help you through lockdown!
20 / 08 / 2021

Since the last time we checked out what Soularflair was up to, his interstellar vibes and beats had us reeling from all the content he released in rapid succession. And it appears as though that may even become the norm – who knows? All that we can say is that he’s done it again, the madlad! We have a ton of new releases and videos to show off, plus a few teasers for some stuff still in the works! Soularflair fans have their plates full with this one. And just as well, with how wretched the pandemic is becoming in Soularflair’s home country of Australia. Bunker up, get your snacks, and bust these beats to get you through it!

And as if that wasn’t enough to chew on, most if not all of these excellent pieces have music videos to accompany them, as well as many more Soularflair videos besides! They can be found on Soularflair’s personal channel, as well as Blue Pie’s channel and DJ Central’s channel, of course!

Yep, there’s a lot to see, and we just unloaded a bunch on you – but it’s only a fraction! Could the missing component to superstring theory be Soularflair’s tracks? Because they all transport us to a chill new dimension to vibe and lose ourselves in! These tracks all are quite different pieces, which shows Soularflair’s ability to embrace many different styles and weave them seamlessly together. It isn’t often that you see someone with this kind of talent, and the more notice he gets for it, the better! So go ahead and binge, because even if lockdown lifts, it’s probably not gonna be a quick process of getting back to normal.

But, at least there’s a couple things to look forward to… two teasers from Soularflair, one for a song, one for an album! Presenting SOLO and TUNES WITH EXIT WOUNDS! Gotta love how many puns Soularflair includes in his titles, eh?

We’ll definitely be keeping our ears to the ground for when these officially drop. And don’t worry – you’ll be the first to know! But knowing Soularflair, they’ll be released all at once along with a few other releases on the side, so brace yourselves for a ton of amazing content consumption!

Soularflair’s work has given us much to smile about, whether it be his music video work on acts like Sam Pollard or Southpaw, his incredible music, or his work under his DJ alias, Attarraxx. He’s a diamond in the rough and we couldn’t be happier to have uncovered him – because it’s in these sorts of times when diamonds can really shine!

Southpaw – Coast To Coast from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

And of course, his Spotify work speaks for itself – his score work with Stuck In The Q in particular has gotten him noticed on that platform, and we’re eager for every single bit of new content he’ll have for us… waiting on it gladly, Soularflair! We’ve got an eye on your profiles. 😀

And recently, his Westworld Theme remix just got noticed too…

It was added to a community playlist on Spotify alongside titans like The Weeknd, Eminem, Toto, and many many others! It’s an honour to see this, and the playlist overall makes for good jamming material! Excellent taste on behalf of the creators!

So with that kind of clout and these kinds of releases, it’s only a matter of time until Soularflair reaches escape velocity and transcends the atmosphere itself! Keep your radars on…

To find out more about Soularflair, send an email to and we’ll answer any questions that we can about this rising star… or you could always check out his links!


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