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Eedris claps back! Jaga Jaga Oti Get E!
28 / 07 / 2021

Eedris is back, and he’s bringing the thunder! His old school flagship hit Jaga Jaga, which has inspired some killer remixes already, is now back in the form of Jaga Jaga Oti Get E! Just check out these sweet beats.

Eedris had the following to say about the release:

‘Eye wey dey cry dey see road!’…

A pre-planned character assassination plot was hatched in a very devious and unrelenting fashion against me last week by Festus Keyamo whom I asked for help in a time of great need, someone whom I hitherto thought should have known better, but whose hatred for the truth and truth seekers drove him and his outrageously extended, venom coated hideous fangs overboard.

His hate drove him over the precipice, to the extent that the management of a big tech organization like TWITTER deemed his vituperation as unsavory, distasteful, crude and uncouth…and asked him to take down the offensive and idiotic posts or get blacklisted like other uncouth peeps like him.

And this is a serving minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! A Senior Advocate in the nation’s Temple of Justice!! And a so called social reformer…what a shame!!!

Anyways, ‘no long thing’ as we say in our local patios, I give you my own side of the story in the only way I know best…through my music!

I give you the audio offering of “Jaga Jaga Oti Get E”, visuals loading…

Eedris Abdulkareem

Heavy stuff! But of course, Eedris has never once shied away from expressing what he truly believes, using the vehicle of his awesome music. The track is close to 15k views on Youtube right now, and with the Spotify release having just come out, this song is gonna be a real earworm going forward, just as the other Jaga Jaga iterations have been!

But check out that one last line from Eedris… “visuals loading”. Should we be expecting a new music video for this killer track soon? Keep your eyes peeled!

Eedris Abdulkareem is an inspiring rapper with an amazing history behind him, and many classics of his such as “Jaga Jaga” and this new iteration of “Jaga Jaga” illustrate his great musical ability. He is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in and is truly a commendable artist.

Eedris Abdulkareem is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “Eedris Abdulkareem”, or check out his social media links below!

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