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Paul Bailey Revitalises a Genre
7 / 08 / 2013

If you miss MJ don’t miss Paul Bailey’s NEW album ‘Find Me Somebody’.  In a fusion of R&B and electronic music Paul Bailey brings acid house inspired synths and drum machine beats to Funky grooves in a way MJ would be proud of. Paul Bailey’s melodic vocals pop in the mix so to speak, through highly produced tracks that range from mellow ballads to mid-tempo dance music.


‘Find Me Somebody’ the title track and opener to the album sets the tone. This acid house styled pop song speaks of Paul’s trials and tribulations in the game of love. The soulful and crisp vocals paired with radio distorted backing vocals on this groovy track showcases Paul’s ability to re-contextualise his influences with today’s production and pop aesthetics.

Paul Bailey’s intelligent mastery of R&B and EDM takes his music to the next level. For something fresh of the cutting floor check out Paul Bailey’s new album ‘Find Me Somebody’.


Purchase from iTunes on the link below.

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