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Social Media Manager

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Delfina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a passionate new age media, social media and communications strategist, with over 10 years of social media experience in developing new markets and communities. She is an asset to Blue Pie’s social media team and helps us break new ground and find new effective methods every day!

In the past, she worked in advertising and production, and her main projects included: Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Broadcast Services, and the Warner Channel New Zealand. She enjoys creating the communication of brands, and helping them grow to their full potential. She has extensive knowledge in both the arts and music fields. Her preferred genres of music include 70’s Rock’n’Roll, EDM, Jazz, and blues. This has helped shape her experience towards all things social media, teaching her how to correctly and efficiently promote an artist. Identifying a client’s target audience and coming up with an effective marketing plan comes as second nature to this up-and-coming social media specialist!

Delfina is the Blue Pie Records USA Social Media Manager for Latin America. As part of her role, Defina manages and overseas a portfolio of social media profiles for DJ Central TV, Planet Blue Pictures USA, Blue Pie Records USA and Metal Central TV.

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