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It's out! Comet 2 Comet by Ray Vanderby!
17 / 02 / 2022

We teased it before, when Ray Vanderby released his track Funky Space music…

Now it’s time to part the cosmic curtains and see the full album which that preview track came from! Comet 2 Comet is the latest intergalactic hit from Ray Vanderby, demonstrating his incredible variety of musical talents and aesthetics. Featuring Cecilia Rochelli, Melissa Standford, and Barry Patterson, this is a fantastic ensemble that is definitely worthy of the name “all star cast” for multiple extraterrestrial reasons!

We’ve sung Ray’s praises plenty of times before, so this ought to be familiar and fulfilling territory for regular followers, even if the musical style is completely different! Comet 2 Comet showcases yet another side of Ray’s impressive ability to command music to any kind of aesthetic or style he wants. He has a wide range of talents, and his style is flexible, transitioning genre and aesthetic to best suit the mood of any given song, splicing jazzy tracks with piano classics and even Aboriginal folk music! Comet 2 Comet is just another feather in his cap. This particular release stands out among Ray’s entire catalogue, and it lives up well to the spacey nature of its namesake.

It may be that Ray’s adaptive talents have a paranormal explanation… a spacey name like “Ray” might not be a coincidence either! It could be that he’s able to play so many genres so flawlessly because he knows something we don’t! Could this space-themed album be a kind of cryptic confession?

No, don’t be stupid. You complete idiot. On with the article.

The funk in this album doesn’t overpower Ray’s skill with the piano, which shines through in the collection’s overall composition. Ray is often celebrated for his talent on the piano! When he tickles the ivories, he sets the bar, even in space! Which is pretty neat, as there’s no air for sound to travel through, which is why he probably focused the album on comets. Do you think he tried to play the music through icy water vapours on the trail of various comets, and he hopped from comet 2 comet like some kind of extraneous interstellar music tour? We’re not saying he didn’t. Maybe if you play every track backwards he’ll tell you which comet bar had the best vodka or something. Trick question, the vodkas were all made out of rocks and ice.

With this amazing new addition to Ray’s repertoire, we’re greatly looking forward to what he comes up with next! Until then, why not browse Ray’s extensive Spotify catalogue and get to know just how many different blends of sonorous bliss he has mastered!

Check out more about Ray Vanderby here!


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