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Congrats to Gavin Parry and Take Two! 2 Million Plays on TikTok!
07 Jun 2022

While browsing The Music Network, we saw a headline that got us excited! Take Two, a band managed by our good friend Gavin Parry, has found a name for themselves on Tik Tok! Check it out in the album right here!

How Sydney’s Take Two Captured 2M TikTok Followers With Tunes and Storytelling

As article writer Lars Brandle says, “TikTok comes easy for some”. The lads from Take Two are taking TikTok by storm, with ” 2.1 million followers on TikTok, moving them into the Top 30 Australian creators and Top 10 Australian musicians on the short-video streaming platform.” They made the most of the 2020 lockdowns just as many others did, including us. They got the world’s attention during this strange time, and they exploded on TikTok with their videos focusing on music! We’re wondering if some secret industry insight was handed down by Gavin Parry, manager of the band since 2020… it lines up pretty well. And considering the future plans that Take Two has for their latest release Yeah Whatever, we can expect plenty more TikTok presence from the duo.

Gavin reckons this album is gonna be a breakout hit with the way it’s been going. He has faith in the decade of experience that the duo possesses, and we have faith in Gavin’s own wealth of experience! The lads have their road map planned out months and months in advance, and it’s great to see masterful hands drive the project to fruition like this.

You may know Gavin Parry from his spearheading work managing Fairphonic, and the collaboration between his company and our partner company Ordior, as well as the happy occasion that was Gavin joining Fairphonic as its chairman last year. You may also remember him from a Wolfmother escapade that we and Ordior shared in, in the recent past. Or perhaps you recognise the name Parry from his son Jack Parry, and his work on the incredible remixes of DL Down3r’s Suga Boom Boom. Either way, the Parry family are true movers and shakers of the music industry, and these results show that in full scope. We extend our congratulations to Gavin and Take Two, and wish them all the best for the future! We’ll be keeping an eye on their TikTok, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the story… and we’re very excited to see more collaborations between Fairphonic and Ordior!

Until then, check out this media below for more on Jack Parry and Take Two!

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