Blue Pie Records New Releases

“DAY DREAM , COME ALONG AND TAKE A RIDE” DL Down3r has teamed up once again with Jay Tablet and Brian Paul Bennett to bring... more [ + ]

Who's ready for a hype up track in line with classic hip hop that we haven't heard for decades? Wish they would drop a banger... more [ + ]

BlackFaceNaija's spectacular comeback album is live on Spotify for all to hear! That's right, "Defender Vol, 1" is ready to listen to! A huge 20... more [ + ]

We last heard from the Plantashun Boiz last year, with their single "You And I". That release proved to be their most popular track on... more [ + ]

Stop. Slow down. We know this world is busy, it's stressful, it never stops moving. So why should you? Well, if you don't, you'll never... more [ + ]

You know it's gonna be a good hardcore rap song when it starts with an intense bass and beat, then transitions immediately into an awesome... more [ + ]

Can you feel that? That freeform excitement in your soul, driving you to zone out or to get up and dance? That's the power of... more [ + ]

Check your Spotify! Check your iTunes! Check every major musical retailer that you can count! The drums are beating, the ground is shaking, and passionate... more [ + ]

You hear that? That pulsing rhythm in your soul? That sound that just urges you to get up and dance?! That's the effect that Sean... more [ + ]

To continue our African theme of the last few new releases (which can be found here and here) here's the popular Afrobeatz albums! These are... more [ + ]

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