Blue Pie Records New Releases

Make way for one of the hottest new acts out of Africa, Styleh! His new record and music video are sure to show you the... more [ + ]

Last time we reported on DL Down3r and the Key Crashers, we brought to your attention a very special remix that the Crashers had brought... more [ + ]

The age of digital music streaming is not one to be underestimated. It puts many people in contact with old music they might have never... more [ + ]

The soothing African boy band vibes of the Plantashun Boiz are here to finish the decade and welcome in 2020. September's releases were blessed with... more [ + ]

We have a special treat for all you modern pop rock fans! Sam Pollard's "Steps" is out, and we have a step-by-step review of not... more [ + ]

A big 12 track album in the style of a radio blast is out now from Bigg Cixx! The album includes some of Bigg Cixx's... more [ + ]

One of the talented crew from Bring The West Back is here with some new spice for you! Yep, we have another chill bass heavy... more [ + ]

The crew is back at it again, and about time too! We've been waiting in excitement for this particular one to drop! Bigg Cixx, June... more [ + ]

LoudHouz Entertainment is bringing us an amazing throwback and it's gotten us all kinds of excited! BlackFaceNaija, sometimes known simply as “Blackface”, is an artist... more [ + ]

A Maverick can be defined as an unorthodox or self-driven person. Well, the artist Maverick is showing us just how cool independence can be! His... more [ + ]

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