Blue Pie Records New Releases

The soundtrack to the hit 2011 comedy 'Dealing With Destiny' is out now! With a wide range of genres and a variety of bands there... more [ + ]


Robot Picnic is the 90s techno revival album you have been waiting for. Robot Bomb Shelter is back with a new album that is the... more [ + ]

Robot Bomb Shelter is back with an explosive new album! Staring at Screens is a much-welcomed return to music for the techno veteran Robot Bomb... more [ + ]


In 2005, there was a season of devastating hurricanes that left many without a home and financially disadvantaged. The Hurricane Healing series donate 50c of... more [ + ]

Pomelo’s self-titled album is an enlightening experience in Latin music with a twist of jazz added into the mix. Beautiful female vocals are well complimented... more [ + ]


Pomelo are back with another album called Secrets, which is your soundtrack to the new summer! In this new album Secrets, Pomelo take things in... more [ + ]


The Hip-Hop community has bonded together over the tragedy of the 2005 hurricane season. The result of this collaboration is the Hurricane Healing Hip-Hop Volumes... more [ + ]

Random Order has gained a lot of attention in recent times for their reggae ska sound and for good reason! Canada’s Random Order have drawn... more [ + ]


Nikson exploded onto the punk scene with a burst of energy so strong they’re reaching Australia all the way from Hungary! Preachers Go To Hell... more [ + ]

Melbourne resident Curly Joe has released his first full length album which finely drifts on the border between folk and country. The album was years... more [ + ]

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