Blue Pie Records New Releases

Back in 2021, Cammen released a groundbreaking single, Kutuba, that helped spice up the second year of the pandemic in a much needed way! Then,... more [ + ]

Bigg Cixx is one of the artists who you can rely on for some heavy flow that hits where it hurts. Who else do you... more [ + ]

Cammen has been super busy! He's been throwing out release after release over the past couple of years, and his catalogue is as consistently excellent... more [ + ]

We all have coping mechanisms to deal with the stuff that goes wrong in our lives. Some coping mechanisms are more toxic to our wellbeing... more [ + ]

Gabe Rizza is a name that's showed up a few times in our news reports, either for the mixing and mastering work he does for... more [ + ]

A slick bass guitar pairs with some bombastic brass, as a deep vocal overtakes the instrumentation, wafting like smoke. You're immediately taken and thrust into... more [ + ]

If there's one thing that we were hoping for since DL Down3r's Christmas album last year, it was a sequel. Well, Santa has been paying... more [ + ]

Bigg Cixx took 2021 by storm with some of his best releases yet! In particular, today we wanted to talk about Fourteen, another West Coast... more [ + ]

Get ready to blaze down the highway with some classic 80s rock. This is the kinda track that that makes you think of uncertain times,... more [ + ]

Another passionate Key Loch release has hit the internet! BABY features Sahra and Gabe Rizza, and you know with them involved, this track is gonna... more [ + ]

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