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Saturday the 14th of March is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip down memory lane for those who truly remember the golden age of Australian rock. Here's your chance to get up-close-and-personal with a true legend, Swanee himself! Whether he... more

Recently on Down3r's Instagram, he announced something pretty special that we're sure you guys will wanna know about... The first tour of the year! View this post on Instagram Albuquerque New Mexico!!! Tag a friend who wants to see me... more

Suzanna Lubrano knows the best way to end the year - with a concert or two! 13th-14th December 2019 - Maputo Show Friday 13th and Saturday 14th December 2019 Venue and time TBA Maputo, Mozambique 28th December 2019 - Cape... more

Just when we thought Down3r was all booked for the year with his attendance at the 6th annual Jingle Jam on the 14th of December. Turns out, there's gonna be a tour before that grand finale! 6th December 2019 -... more

The 6th Annual Jingle Jam is here! DJ Quick, Magic Girl, and of course DL Down3r himself will be attending. It's gonna be a great way to see out the year, and we're sure that it'll be worth every penny... more

Attention, Arizona! October 5th is YOUR day to look forward to! You read that right, Mr. Suga Boom Boom is coming down your neck of the woods, and so are plenty of other talented performers, including Bigg Cixx! Down3r himself... more

THE INKED FOR A CURE CONCERT! September the 15th is looking to be a great day for Colorado- Down3r is gonna be performing at the Nani Addiction Tattoo & Piercing shop! IT'S JUST NEXT WEEK! Click HERE for more details:... more

Fresh off releasing his latest single with Bobby Blastem, Kay L is hitting the stage with TYGA inside The Big Four Building! Tickets are going VERY FAST, so click the link below to get yours ASAP! Use promo code -... more

Friday the 13th of September is gonna be real lit at The Sub Rosa! Why? Because Kay L himself is hosting an event, of course! Fresh off releasing his latest single with Bobby Blastem, Kay L is hosting a full... more

Yeah, you read that right! Down3r is back on the stage- so soon after his last concerts too! But this time he's bringing even more talent with him than his last tour! See for yourself down below, or click here... more

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