Blue Pie Records New Releases

It's the middle of the week. Weekend plans are looming. So much to do and organise before it all catches up with you. You need... more [ + ]

Adelaide singer Irene Petrie's haunting vocals are now live across the web! Sweet Peach's catalogue is seeing a boon on Spotify and all other major... more [ + ]

All you Aussie rebels from the swingin' 60s, it's time to get the shock of your life with this throwback! It's bound to make you... more [ + ]

Straight from Sweet Peach's back catalogue is a slick new release from The Going Thing! Good News? Certainly, that's right! But it's also the title... more [ + ]

Now, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood... but We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Why? Because while we're sitting around reading this article, The... more [ + ]

Back in the day, NOBODY did double albums! But here comes Sweet Peach Records once again, showing us that they're truly one of the giants... more [ + ]

Drum and Bass has come quite a long way as a genre. One could argue it got its start in the London "Jungle" movement of... more [ + ]

We've been loving Pride Music lately! First, we celebrated the LGBTQ+ community by launching a brand new website for the record label PRIDE MUSIC. Then,... more [ + ]

Sweet beats! Killer sax! Emotional vocals! This is what you need in order to get Cammen's 1988, and the result is truly awesome. Cammen is... more [ + ]

Mafito has been belting out singles, doing his part in making 2020 better! This is more of that lighthearted, gorgeous Afropop that we've all come... more [ + ]

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