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    A music production company based in Jersey City, N.J. Specializing in beat making, song writing, recording and artist development. They mainly work with Hip Hop and R&B,...more

    Billy was born in the United States, his musical roots go back to his gospel days in the local church he attended with his family. He is...more

    BLKRAW was born in Oakland, California on June 29th. He grew up, however, between Tampa, FL. and El Centro, CA. He was encouraged to start his career...more

      Brigitte Stolk has always been a dreamer ever since she was a child, and realized at an early age that music would play an important part...more

    Boston-based Contemporary R&B act CHAMPIONZ features the dynamic personalities of their leader Quion (pronounced “key-on“), WILBZ, and Don P. CHAMPIONZ developed their signature style from exposure to the evolution of R&B. CHAMPIONZ have developed a strong...more

    Christopher Melotti- motivated, down to earth, and musically talented would be the ways to describe this 24 year old. Christopher, or Chris, is an upcoming artist from...more

    Darryl is an internationally recognized composer, arranger, and performer with the following network television and movies soundtrack credits: Lifetime, E Entertainment, Saturday Night Live (NBC), Good Morning...more

    Here is the story of Erik Simins, a appreciate Blue Pie Records artists : “He’ll have tea with the Queen then kicks the sh$t out of the...more

    There has been no other artist in hip hop history to boast a resume parallel to that of E.S.G. Ten albums deep in the rap game and...more

    Funky P Society is a Luxembourg-based modern soul-funk band. In musical terms, the goal of Funky P is to set an example of how, with contemporary production,...more

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