Australian born composer and pianist, Amanda Lee Falkenberg, began her journey into composition through the hours spent in the ballet studio as dance accompanist with the Australian...more

Dave Loew is a classical genius and makes music unlike anyone else. He is a master of the cello. Dave Loew is an Australian cellist with a...more

Ivana Marija Vidovic was born in Dubrovnik. At the age of four she started her piano studies at the Music Conservatory in Dubrovnik. Her first teacher was...more

Michael Horsphol was one of the most gifted and talented modern day composers to emerge from the Australian classical scenes in the past decade. He composed and...more

Introducing Rick Bogart, a remarkable artist who has officially joined the ranks of Blue Pie Records, marking an exhilarating collaboration. Rick Bogart, renowned for his mastery of...more

Solène Getenet was born near Paris in 1984. She started playing the piano and the violoncello at the age of four. She first was the pupil of...more

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