Australian born composer and pianist, Amanda Lee Falkenberg, began her journey into composition through the hours spent in the ballet studio as dance accompanist with the Australian...more

Dale Nougher (pronounced NOYA) was born on the 1st March 1960, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. His family was very musical, and the piano was an integral part of...more

People used to tell ‘Eddie’s Brother’ that he would get the recognition he deserved. The problem was they all tended to think this would happen after he...more

Australian based "Moxie" aka Evan Kitchener is a musician, film composer, audio engineer, sound designer, director, editor and producer. His musical style is self described as "Sample...more

Sarah Fontaine moved to LA when she was 21, as a talented singer /songwriter Fontaine has already shared a stage with Paula Cole, performed at Lilith Fair,...more

Ivana Marija Vidovic was born in Dubrovnik. At the age of four she started her piano studies at the Music Conservatory in Dubrovnik. Her first teacher was...more

Praised for his "strong personal voice" (Globe and Mail), "masterful command of instrumental colour" (Georgia Straight), and "superb attention to rhythm" (Audio Ideas Guide), Jeffrey Ryan has...more

Kara Mack is one of those ‘True Southern Gals’ and heralded as one of South Carolina’s best-kept secrets. Being a native of Columbia, South Carolina, she got...more

Peter’s Farm is a masterpiece of children’s music, lyrics, and good old-fashioned storytelling with the combined efforts of Peter Harmon and David Avery. Each album is a...more

"Musician" is a word that describes Ray Vanderby, but it does not cover the full scope of his experience with all things musical. He was a song...more

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