Tewe Henare, an imaginative and diverse talent hailing from the alternative music revolution in Australia, seamlessly blended the sincere anguish of a singer-songwriter with the spiritual resonance...more

The Belasco story is one of twists and turns but finally delivered what the band deserve with the release of their album “61” in 2007. The band...more

The Bittersweet Girls are a country duo hailing from Labrador in sunny Queensland, Australia. Their music is melancholic yet uplifting, as you might expect from a band...more

Earth and the Next Society is the creative project birthed by musician and songwriter Michael Shields. Created as a platform of expression and to provide the voice...more

Kevin Dippold is a man of many talents. Not only is he the producer for the independent record label Blue Pie Records and Planet Blue Pictures, but...more

If you like being serenaded in forests, falling in love in dark bedrooms full of fairy-lights, getting lost in the woods and partying with strange creatures this...more

Adam Mannering AKA Soularflair first signed with Blue Pie Records in 2005, and over the years he has fostered a mutually beneficial and avid supporting relationship with...more

The Strike Nineteens are David Muir, Andy Malley, Paul Kerr and David Thompson and all hail from the West Coast of Scotland. From the opening riff of...more

A four piece, Vancouver-based rock band that was formed at the beginning of 2002. The Twitch showcases a powerhouse combination of talented songwriters and musicians with influences...more

This is lizzard was founded in 1998 by American singer/lyricist Lizanne Hennessey and Dutch musician/composer Roland Stolk. Their music is based on alternative pop/rock and strengthened by...more

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