Billy was born in the United States, his musical roots go back to his gospel days in the local church he attended with his family. He is...more

Christopher Melotti- motivated, down to earth, and musically talented would be the ways to describe this 24 year old. Christopher, or Chris, is an upcoming artist from...more

Music runs deep in the Reilly Family. Damien first started to play the piano at the age of 3. As Damien says: "As far back as I...more

Eric Ricaud is a passionate Australian Singer-songwriter. With over 25 years experience under his belt, Eric has been involved in all aspects of the music industry imaginable....more

Jay$moove is a young emerging superstar Hip Hop/R&B artist from Dallas, TX. His family have already exploded all over the planet with his older brother Zayion's song...more

Hot off the press comes the debut “OXYGEN” single from Jamaican Recording Artist J. YOUNG! Fusing the old school with a love for reggae melodies, “OXYGEN” rocks...more

K-Liostro is a Swiss based songwriter, lyricist and sometimes singer. Born in Switzerland, he was fascinated by dance music at the age 15 and originally dreamed of...more

Koreen Perry was born and raised in Edmonton. The Canadian singer/songwriter is from Edmonton, Alberta and has been passionately involved in music and acting from an early...more

Missy Crissy is a Romanian recording artist. Her career started at a very young age being inspired by her mother who was a very famous singer in...more

Raz B is a founding member of the multi-platinum group B2k. He is a solo artist Raz B and a multi-award winning celebrity. The is no need...more

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